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Brotzu Lotion For Hair Loss? Maybe, Maybe Not. (See Photos)

In 2016, an Italian surgeon made hair loss headlines after announcing the accidental discovery of a topical formula that showed promise in slowing, stopping, and even reversing hair loss. Its name? Brotzu Lotion — titled after the creator himself: then-81-year old Giovanni Brotzu. What happened next is what always happens: hair loss forums went wild. Hair loss sufferers began … Read more…

Why KROX20 Isn’t A Miracle Hair Loss Cure

Read time: 10 minutes KROX20, Baldness, And Bad Media A few weeks ago, a transcription factor called KROX20 hit headlines as a baldness breakthrough. Why? Because researchers published a study showing that when they deleted the KROX20 gene, a mouse’s hair follicles stopped growing. The study reached major news outlets. And then came the headlines… Medical News Today: “Causes of baldness, … Read more…

Part 4 Of 4: Attacking DHT By Increasing DHT Metabolism

Note: this is part four of a four-part series on A Master Guide: The Major DHT Reducing Mechanisms… Which Are Effective Against Hair Loss? Missed the earlier articles? Check out parts one, two, and three. Read time: 10 minutes Summary So Far: Decreasing DHT With Free Testosterone, 5-Alpha Reductase, Androgen Receptors, And… In the last three articles, we’ve uncovered what … Read more…