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A Hair Loss Flowchart: Why We Lose Our Hair (Hypothesis)

Read time: 15 minutes What Causes Hair Loss? If you ever google’d “what causes hair loss?”, you’ll find thousands of results saying hair loss is due to… Genetics DHT (dihydrotestosterone) High testosterone …and a million other one-liner answers. The reality? These statements are too simple to be right or wrong. For instance: Yes, our genes might predispose us to hair … Read more…

Prostaglandin D2: Miracle Hair Loss Discovery… Or Just Another Sign Of Inflammation?

Read time: 10 minutes Prostaglandin D2 Hits Headlines As A Baldness Breakthrough In 2012, the dermatology departments of University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University generated a lot of buzz around a potential “miracle cure” for baldness. The big discovery? A relationship between prostaglandin D2 (a fatty acid derivative) and male pattern baldness. The researchers … Read more…

Men: Stop Thinking Your Hair Loss Is Due To High Testosterone

Read time: 10 minutes The Hair Loss-Testosterone Connection When I was diagnosed with pattern hair loss, the only thing I knew was that hair loss had something to do with testosterone. After a little research, I learned the following: Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a byproduct of testosterone. DHT levels are elevated in those with thinning hair. Because of this connection, DHT … Read more…