My name is Rob. I’m the founder of Perfect Hair Health, and over ten years ago my doctor diagnosed me with male pattern hair loss.

At that time, I was told that hair loss is a chronic, progressive condition – and that unless I started Rogaine, Propecia, low level laser therapy, or got a hair transplant – my hair would continue to get thinner.

I was concerned about the side effects of Propecia, so I opted for a low level laser therapy trial and started on Rogaine. I ended up using Rogaine for seven years. And all the while, I watched my hair loss worsen.

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So I began digging more into the hair loss literature – what doctors think is the cause, how these treatments actually work, and what the hair regrowth success rates are for someone like myself.

To my surprise, I found the hair loss literature was filled with paradoxes, misunderstandings, and unanswered questions. For instance, doctors say that the hormone DHT causes hair loss… but what they can’t explain is why DHT also causes hair growth in our bodies and face. And while most men think hair loss is caused by high testosterone, the evidence tells us this isn’t true.

And here’s the big one: researchers say that DHT causes hair loss, but no one has ever been able to explain how.

And if we forget about DHT and instead look at all the other conditions of a balding scalp – things like fibrosis, calcification, decreased blood flow, low oxygen – it’s clear we’re missing something.

It was only after I dropped Rogaine, stopped targeting DHT, and started targeting reversing these other symptoms – that I was able to stop my hair loss and see significant hair recovery.

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Now I share my research, my success, and theories all on Perfect Hair Health. This is a site dedicated to progressing the science of hair loss, but most importantly, how to stop hair thinning and start the process of regrowth.

These methods and theories don’t just work for me. They’ve also been validated by many readers. You can find dozens of past reader success stories here – with hair regrowth achieved without drugs, and without conventional treatments that are often toxic and unsafe.

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The mission of this site: to maximize your chances for hair regrowth. This is why I stay on top of the latest research, and pay medical professionals to review all my content before you ever see it.

Want to start a regimen toward hair recovery? Join me and hundreds of other readers on a journey toward hair regrowth.

I look forward to your progress!