Real readers, real regrowth

Here you'll find select past and present readers who've used our methods, experienced hair regrowth, and sent in unsolicited before-after photos. Some of these readers I've worked with for years. Others reached out to me only after seeing hair recovery.

While the overwhelming majority took an all-natural approach to hair regrowth, a few combined our methods with FDA-approved drugs. I've organized the testimonials to reflect this.

Reader-submitted photosets are rarely taken at the same angle, hair length, and room lighting. While each success story is happy with their hair regrowth, their degree of recovery is really up to you – the person evaluating each photo.

Testimonials: no drugs, topicals, or surgeries

Jenna-before after temples2-min
J-overall frontal-min

“I have attached my before and afters of my progress since joining this group... I hope this helps. I know I have definitely benefited from Rob's knowledge of scalp health, massage and a systemic approach for hair regrowth. I am not where I want to be, but it's a hell of a start." *
–Jenna, age 31, U.S.A.
*in addition to our recommendations, Jenna takes oral metformin to stabilize her insulin levels.

R-zoomed vertex-min

“To be honest I am having fun with all this and I still don’t know how much hair I will be able to regrow but for sure it’s happening. The scalp it totally different and you can see from these attached pictures that something is happening. *
–Raul, 50's, Spain
*in addition to our recommendations, Raul has recently started a topical essential oil blend.

Rabih-hair density increase-min

"My friends actually told me, “Your hairline improved. Your hair looks thicker, much more denser.” And as you can see, it wasn’t like this a few months ago... My scalp was extremely red, now it’s rejuvenated."*
–Rabih, 30's, U.S.A.
*as part of our recommendations, Rabih used 2% ketoconazole shampoo (which requires a prescription in some countries)

Aayush-before after vertex-min

"Firstly thank you for your work in this field. I am immensely grateful that I came across your website. It has been quite a journey since last June 2020... These are two recent photos of my progress. There is a lot improvement that I am seeing and my scalp feel alive nowadays... Thanks everyone."
–Aayush, 20's, Boston, MA

Chris-hairline regrowth-min
Chris K-crown-min

“I want to send a massive THANK YOU to Rob! I didn't believe that I can regrow my hair and now I know that it's happening and that it's just a beginning! There are a lot of little hairs that are not visible in these pictures that just started appearing."
–Krzysiu, age 30, Europe

Steph-Temple Hair Regrowth-min

"These new photos are 3 months and ten days later. There is a huge improvement. THANK YOU ROB!!! You're my hero!!! Huge Hugs from NZ."*
–Stephanie, New Zealand, 60's
*in addition to our recommendations, Stephanie takes a zinc supplement and multivitamin.

"Something has happened over the last little while. My hair density has really gone up, I don't even think about it anymore and I've been cutting my hair quite short... I've attached a video of my progress from 19/09/2019 to 13-09-2020, which has been made through massages alone. Good luck to anyone on their hair journey, stick with it..."
–Mathew, Australia, age 30

Trent-temple-success story-min
Trent-overall-success story-min

“I’d say I’ve regrown about 25% of my hair… Rob, greatly appreciate your excellent research. This has been an amazing journey in my life.”
–Trent, Texas, U.S.A., age 27

"As I mentioned in one of my comments, I see a massive amount of regrowth that is all less than about 8 cm long... I can’t thank you enough for what your program—essentially all of your time and research—has done for me!  And I loved your latest research article!  I am ecstatic to know that so many others have been helped and that there will be many more to come! The key is to get your information to hair loss sufferers early on in the process—before they have been bombarded with misinformation and the myriad (and costly) product pitches that leads nowhere except to discouragement."

–Lisa, U.S., age 52

RDBoyz hair thickness improvement-min

"I also feel my hair has a different texture to it now... Can’t thank @Rob (PHH) and @sanderson17 enough for allowing me to understand a bit what was going on with me and why all these [things were] happening. Here I leave you a little snippet of where I am today."
–RDB, 35, New York, U.S.A.

Mike-success story-min

“I recovered about 40% of my previous hair loss... Hearty congratulations on your honest, logical and extensive work.”
–Mike, New Zealand, age 63

Platypus-success story-min

“I have SO MANY small blond hairs all over my hairline. It's filling so slowly... but at least it's filling haha. My hairline's almost back... I'm pleased with the results so far. It's really a relief.”  –P., age 20

Sam-success story-min

“About 50% regrowth in 10 months... Not only regrown most of my lost hair but the dietary advice and massages have also impacted my health and psyche in far deeper ways than aesthetic ones.... I'd say that since the beginning of this year both [my mentor] and yourself have turned my life around and I'm very grateful. If you need any testimonials at any point just ask! I can try and take some better photos if you need as well.”
–Sam, U.K.

JD Moyer-success story-min

"The recession in front is filling in VERY slowly, but it is filling in (the left side faster than the right for some reason). More noticeable is increased thickness where I still had hair... I’m seeing new hair growth where there hasn’t been hair in ten years. Amazing."
–JD Moyer, Oakland, CA, jdmoyer.com

Jared-success story-min

"Feels awesome man. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but not only did I thicken up what I had, but I'm regrowing my juvenile hairline. My hairline hasn't been this low since middle school. And all this from massages and good diet?!?! Incredible, dude... As you can see, I think I can still add a little density to the hairline, but I think the results are just more proof for the fibrosis / inflammation theory of hair loss."
–Jared, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Peter-success story-min

"I am so glad I found and purchased your ebook and held on to your method... Thank you very much for that! [The] first picture is from March 2015 and the second is from October 2015. I am much more confident and content now and don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about my hair."
–Peter, Germany

Chris M-success story-min
Chris M-1

"The hairline at the front has thickened and advanced a great deal and the balding area at the back has filled in to about 75% (from about 35-40% density 16 months ago!) …Yes, its a tedious process, but man is it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Rob a Nobel Prize already!!"
Chris M., Australia, filmmaker


"I finally have had some harsh fluorescent lighting and a good mirror. I am confident and pleased that my crown / vertex continues to fill in I put this down to a concerted push since February to massage twice daily since then… Just received the wooden massage tools from Krzysiu (thanks!), they make the whole process very much easier."
–Arumiat, Spain, age 29

Calvin-success story-min

"Thank you again... you've honestly changed my life for the better and I'm sure there are countless others out there that feel the same way."
–Calvin, U.S.A., age 22

Rico-hair thickening-min

"I do feel a lot better since starting [these] changes. I don't feel as dizzy or light-headed... My hair is a lot less greasy. Also, my hair has started growing out a lot more. I agree that there is some improvement; I suppose you can say I want the results more quickly, but it'll take quite a bit of time... I really noticed the increase in hair density from my recent photos"
–92336, San Francisco, CA, age 25

Brian-temple regrowth-min

"I wanted to reach for a couple of reasons; first, to say thanks for all your hard work and tenacity... I've been telling a lot of people about you, most of my friend's mouths dropped when I show them these photos. Funny, I was showing my buddy last night (who's losing his hair) and you could tell he was impressed. (I'm blown away myself)."
–Brian, 30's, U.S.A

Ben G-success story-min (1)

"I started, what I thought was the regimen, around late September last year, and started the protocol around January. However, I didn’t properly do the regimen until months later, probably around June. Most of my progress has been since then. I am extremely happy with the progress, considering those two dots on my crown were bald before and now they are not."
–Ben G., U.S.A, age 27

Ben M before-after-min (2)

"I just wanted to thank you for all your research, for introducing me to this method and for answering all my questions. I no longer have to shave my head or wear a hat to have confidence again. If there's anything else I can do let me know. Thanks again!"
–Ben M., U.S.A

Hairdid-diffuse hair regrowth-min

"I have gained so much already with my hair. I can't describe the relief of of knowing I won't go bald... I wish I knew this years ago but so happy that I can make such progress." *
–A.S., U.S.A
*in addition to our recommendations, A.S. also used a vitamin C-based topical.

Testimonials: our approach alongside FDA-approved drugs

CC hairline regrowth-min

"It’s nothing short of incredible...  I've thickened up considerably now that I've been doing [this routine] for almost 8 months.  I've noticed a huge change in my scalp pliability.  Have tons of vellus hairs on my hairline that I can actually see pigmenting at the root...  I’m thrilled. I’m going to schedule another consultation with you after the 6 month mark to get any updates or data you might have."
–C.C., U.S.A., age 30


"Hair has been continuing to thicken up and currently it looks like I might be able to cap out at a NW2-2.5 based on my vellus and forming terminal hairs. Which is crazy coming from a NW4.5, I honestly can't remember the last time I was a NW2.5. I do really need to thank you, your website was the only place I could get reliable and scientific information that considered multiple sides on hairloss. Reddit and the Hairloss forums are a complete mess filled with misinformation, fearmongering and bitter people. I should have started my hairloss journey 3-4 years ago... I know it's going to take some time to regrow more but I might actually get to experience some of my youth before I'm actually old because of you and honestly that means the world to me."
–M.T.C., Australia, age 23

JG-success story-min
JG-success story 2-min

"Here [are] comparison pic[s] from the start and today with what I feel is some quite noticeable improvement!! Both pics were taken with similar length hair and both after a shower... As always thanks for all your awesome research. I would never have started this journey had I not discovered your site."
–J.G., U.S.A.

Gerard-success story-min

"Finasteride never completely stopped my hair loss (but it really slowed it... I began in 2009...) and before discovering [your site], I was in despair, and I even planned to take Dutasteride... Now, I know that my hair is improving day after day, so I am not afraid of the future anymore. I would like to thank you: this has been a real life changer for me. Of course, I still need to continue to do it on a regular basis, but it has already improved my life: my hair quality and thickness is much better, my seborrheic dermatitis vanished... and my hairline is regrowing, very slowly, but surely."
–Gerard, 32, France

Regrower-before after-wm

"It's nothing short of awe-inspiring what you are doing here and have been doing over the last decade. To press with such integrity and dedication into this very controversial and hotly debated topic of hair loss is a genuine service to a huge worldwide community of hair loss sufferers. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity, curiosity, tenacity, rigor and vigor."
–J.K., 24, E.U.

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