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Vitamin B5 and Hair Loss

Androgenic Alopecia (AGA): What Is It, What Causes It, And What Don’t We Know?

This article explores the characteristics, causes, and unknowns of pattern hair loss – also known as androgenic alopecia (AGA). If you’re new to hair loss research, this is a good starting point to learn the science behind AGA as well as the concepts that come up frequently in the literature. Hair follicle miniaturization Telogen:anagen ratios … Read more…


Hormonal Birth Control & Hair Loss: A Review Of The Evidence

Can “the pill” cause hair loss in women? Hormonal birth control is incredibly effective at achieving its intended effect: to prevent pregnancy. However, many online anecdotes suggest that birth control might also harbor unintended consequences: namely, hair loss. So, do these anecdotes align with reality? Can hormonal contraceptives actually cause hair loss? Are there factors … Read more…

Do Scalp Massages Improve Hair Loss From Androgenic Alopecia? (Our 2019 Study)

I’ve spent the last twelve years researching hair loss, and the last five years sharing everything I’ve learned on Perfect Hair Health — writing dozens of long-form articles about the causes, treatments, and misconceptions of androgenic alopecia. Today, I’m thrilled to announce another major step forward for this site and our community. We’ve just published a … Read more…


Do Hair Transplants Debunk The Scalp Tension-Hair Loss Hypothesis?

Does a tight scalp cause pattern hair loss? This question recently resurfaced in hair loss forums… sparking heated debate from scalp tension supporters and opposers. The supporters: scalp tension must contribute to hair loss. Why? Because balding men and women tend to have chronically tight scalps. This tension tends to match the pattern and progression … Read more…