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In 2014, I released a book about how I regrew my hair without drugs, topicals, or surgeries.

Here are some results, submitted by readers.

"The recession in front is filling in VERY slowly, but it is filling in (the left side faster than the right for some reason). More noticeable is increased thickness where I still had hair... I’m seeing new hair growth where there hasn’t been hair in ten years. Amazing." -JD Moyer (Oakland, CA)

"I am so glad I found and purchased your ebook and held on to your method... Thank you very much for that! [The] first picture is from March 2015 and the second is from October 2015. I am much more confident and content now and don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about my hair." -Peter (Germany)

"Even without the pictures, this is what I can tell you that has definitely happened. 1) All sheds outside the "normal" range stopped. 2) Seborrheic dermatitis vanished like Santa Claus. 3) The [scalp] itch is gone and never came back. 4) The hair generally seems stronger and denser all around and the miniaturizing hairs on the temples/hairline thickened back up giving a visual sight of regrowth in addition to regrowing some hair in the temples."

"I can not believe how fast my hair line is moving forward. It’s pretty incredible. My widows peak has flattened out (I will always have a small widows peak thats just my genetics) but it’s insane... Awesome plain awesome." -Chris

"Feels awesome man. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but not only did I thicken up what I had, but I'm regrowing my juvenile hairline. My hairline hasn't been this low since middle school. And all this from massages and good diet?!?! Incredible, dude... As you can see, I think I can still add a little density to the hairline, but I think the results are just more proof for the fibrosis/inflammation theory of hair loss." -Jared

"Overall hair quality is thicker and more lustrous... [You're] doing such a tremendous job enlightening those that hair loss is reversible under the right, natural conditions, and to never lose hope in a natural cure. Keep up the good work my friend." -Joseph

A Natural Approach To Hair Regrowth. No Drugs. No Topicals. No Surgeries.

I suffered from pattern hair loss for nearly a decade. I spent thousands of dollars on drugs, topicals, and supplements. I bought every eBook I could find. Nothing worked. After almost 10 years, I finally concluded our basic understanding of hair loss is wrong.

Then I abandoned all pills, supplements, and topicals, and regrew my hair naturally in 1 year.

What's inside the new book?

New chapters, new research, more before / after photos from readers and myself, video interviews with success stories, a new HD demo video, a new HD follow-along video, and much more.
  • Information

    A 100+ page eBook detailing the root causes of hair loss AND how to stop it

  • Demonstration

    High-quality demonstration videos showing exactly how to regrow your hair

  • Results

    A scientifically validated approach to regrowing your hair permanently.

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