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Understanding Evidence Quality | How Hair Loss Companies Cheat Clinical Trials

In this guide, we’ll expose how big-brand companies in the hair loss industry cheat their clinical study results – all so they can convince hair loss sufferers to buy products that probably won’t work for them. Due to a broad definition of “hair loss” and “hair growth”, these companies have found a repeatable and legal formula for producing good … Read more


Fluridil: A Topical That Regrows Hair, Without Side Effects? (Scientific Deep-Dive)

Fluridil (topilutamide) is a topical anti-androgen that may help reduce levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the scalp. Some users claim the drug regrows hair, doesn’t cause side effects, and doesn’t affect hormones elsewhere in the body. But is this actually true? To date, there are only two clinical studies trialing fluridil for the … Read more