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Product Reviews

Nourkrin® Review: Can Proteoglycans Actually Reverse Hair Loss?

Nourkrin® markets its supplements as a “natural approach to hair loss”. The company differentiates itself with Marilex®: a “bioactive proteoglycan formula”. Three human studies suggest Nourkrin® products are effective at regrowing hair. Upon further investigation, each study has significant flaws that make it hard to discern the product’s true … Read more

Product Reviews

Niostem: Can This Device Stimulate Hair Regrowth? Analyzing Marketing Claims Vs. Reality

Niostem claims their device achieves hair regrowth through electrotrichogenesis & produces better results than finasteride or minoxidil – without “nasty side effects”. Our investigation found many of Niostem’s claims to be unsubstantiated. (1) Niostem has not conducted any comparative clinical studies versus finasteride or minoxidil; their … Read more