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Real Perfect Hair Health Success Stories

See the success of our past and present members – with and without FDA-approved drugs.

“I recovered about 40% of my previous hair loss... Hearty congratulations on your honest, logical and extensive work.”

Mike, 63, New Zealand

Without FDA drugs
"I am now at a point where, with dry hair, most people simply cannot tell that I have AGA. When my hair is wet you can definitely see that it has not 100% regrown, but for my purposes this treatment surpassed my expectations and I am thrilled (I no longer have to wear a cap!)."

Pmano, age 24

Alongside FDA approved drugs
“I have attached my before and afters of my progress since joining this group... I hope this helps. I know I have definitely benefited from Rob's knowledge of scalp health, massage and a systemic approach for hair regrowth. I am not where I want to be, but it's a hell of a start." *

Jenna, 31, U.S.A.

*in addition to our recommendations, Jenna takes oral metformin to stabilize her insulin levels.

Without FDA drugs
"It's nothing short of awe-inspiring what you are doing here and have been doing over the last decade. To press with such integrity and dedication into this very controversial and hotly debated topic of hair loss is a genuine service to a huge worldwide community of hair loss sufferers. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity, curiosity, tenacity, rigor and vigor."

J.K., 24, E.U.

Alongside FDA approved drugs
“I want to send a massive THANK YOU to Rob! I didn't believe that I can regrow my hair and now I know that it's happening and that it's just a beginning! There are a lot of little hairs that are not visible in these pictures that just started appearing."

Krzysiu, 30, Europe

Without FDA drugs
"I'm convinced I've recovered to probably the hairline I had 3 years ago. Super stoked... I never imagined in the past that any recovery was even possible so this is exciting!"

Tom, 30, U.K.

Without FDA drugs
"So far, results have been very promising. My wife has taken notice and encouraged me to grow it out. At this rate, it seems I may be on the right track!"

Bannon, 26, U.S.A.

Alongside FDA approved drugs
"These new photos are 3 months and ten days later. There is a huge improvement. THANK YOU ROB!!! You're my hero!!! Huge Hugs from NZ."*

Stephanie, 60’s, New Zealand

*in addition to our recommendations, Stephanie takes a zinc supplement and multivitamin.

Without FDA drugs
"My hair stylist even noted that my hair has gotten thicker like it used to be when I was younger."

Mike, 28, U.S.A

Alongside FDA approved drugs
"Feels awesome man. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but not only did I thicken up what I had, but I'm regrowing my juvenile hairline. My hairline hasn't been this low since middle school. And all this from massages and good diet?!?! Incredible, dude... As you can see, I think I can still add a little density to the hairline, but I think the results are just more proof for the fibrosis / inflammation theory of hair loss."

Jared, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Without FDA drugs
"It’s nothing short of incredible... I've thickened up considerably now that I've been doing [this routine] for almost 8 months. I've noticed a huge change in my scalp pliability. Have tons of vellus hairs on my hairline that I can actually see pigmenting at the root... I’m thrilled. I’m going to schedule another consultation with you after the 6 month mark to get any updates or data you might have."

C.C., U.S.A., age 30

Alongside FDA approved drugs