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Do Hair Transplants Debunk The Scalp Tension-Hair Loss Hypothesis?

Does a tight scalp cause pattern hair loss? This question recently resurfaced in hair loss forums… sparking heated debate from scalp tension supporters and opposers. The supporters: scalp tension must contribute to hair loss. Why? Because balding men and women ...
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The Scalp Tension Theory Of Hair Loss: A Scientific Breakdown

Can Scalp Tension Cause Hair Loss? It’s Possible. Is there a connection between scalp tension and pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia)? Sixty years ago, researchers thought no. Today, many are changing their tune. The scalp tightness theory recently regained popularity ...
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Hair Loss (AGA) And Low Blood Flow: What Everyone Gets Wrong

In 2007, I asked a dermatologist if low blood flow or poor circulation causes hair loss. He answered with a firm no. He told me that when he cuts into a balding scalp, it bleeds... a lot. He mentioned that the ...
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Nutrient Deficiencies And Hair Loss: A Master Breakdown

If you've ever google'd, "The best supplements for hair growth", you'll find thousands of articles claiming hair loss is caused by a nutrient deficiency -- from iron to iodine to vitamin B-12 -- and if we supplement with these nutrients, ...
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Brotzu Lotion For Hair Loss? Maybe, Maybe Not. (See Photos)

In 2016, an Italian surgeon made hair loss headlines after announcing the accidental discovery of a topical formula that showed promise in slowing, stopping, and even reversing hair loss. Its name? Brotzu Lotion -- titled after the creator himself: then-81-year old Giovanni ...
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Update (2018): My Research Is Now Published In A Scholarly Journal

Challenging What We Know About Hair Loss I've spent the last ten years researching hair loss, and the last four years sharing what I've learned on Perfect Hair Health -- analyzing anything from clinical trials to treatment breakthroughs to my own theories ...
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Hair Loss And SIBO: How To Treat Gut Dysbiosis

Is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Connected To Hair Loss? Not long ago, I wrote an article about the connection between acne and hair loss (androgenic alopecia), and highlighted research suggesting that a primary driver of acne (specifically, acne rosacea) ...
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Trans Hormone Replacement Therapy Hair Regrowth: The Science

Read time: 20 minutes Men Who Transition To Women Regrow Hair... But How? When Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner, many people noticed a change in Caitlyn's hair quality. During and after the transition, her hair grew thicker and longer. ...
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L. Reuteri For Hair Loss: A Complete Review

L. Reuteri: Can This Bacteria Protect Against Hair Loss? Every month, new evidence emerges that our microbiome -- or the trillions of microbes crawling inside and around us -- affects every aspect of our health -- from our immunity to ...
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P. Acnes (Bacteria That Causes Acne) Linked To Hair Loss: What To Do About It

Read time: 15 minutes Acne, Hair Loss, And The Microbiome Can the trillions of bacteria living in our gut and skin influence our predisposition to acne and hair loss? Ten years ago, the answer was, "no." But today researchers are ...
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Increasing IGF-1 For Hair Loss? Think Twice

Read time: 10 minutes The Hype On IGF-1 And Hair Loss Hair loss forums often tout a connection between hair loss and a protein called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). The belief: if we increase IGF-1, maybe we can slow, stop, ...
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Diffuse Hair Thinning? Check Your Zinc Levels

Read time: 10 minutes The Zinc and Hair Loss Connection Suffering from hair loss? You might think your hair thinning is due to hypothyroidism, a hormonal imbalance, or even dihydrotestosterone (DHT)... But what you may not know is that hair loss ...
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Why KROX20 Isn’t A Miracle Hair Loss Cure

Read time: 10 minutes KROX20, Baldness, And Bad Media A few weeks ago, a transcription factor called KROX20 hit headlines as a baldness breakthrough. Why? Because researchers published a study showing that when they deleted the KROX20 gene, a mouse's hair follicles stopped growing. ...
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Part 4 Of 4: Attacking DHT By Increasing DHT Metabolism

Note: this is part four of a four-part series on A Master Guide: The Major DHT Reducing Mechanisms... Which Are Effective Against Hair Loss? Missed the earlier articles? Check out parts one, two, and three. Read time: 10 minutes Summary So Far: Decreasing DHT ...
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