The use of Nizoral for hair loss

Nizoral for Hair Loss – Does it Work?

Anyone searching “How to reverse hair loss online” has undoubtedly come across the Big Three protocol: minoxidil (Rogaine®), finasteride (Propecia®), and ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral®). What many might not know: despite ketoconazole’s popularity, it’s not actually FDA-approved for pattern hair loss, nor is it as well-researched as minoxidil or finasteride. In fact, there are just a … Read more…

The best dosage of topical finasteride

Topical Finasteride: The Best Dosage for Maximizing Regrowth and Minimizing Side Effects

Finasteride is among the most effective drugs for androgenic alopecia. And while side effects are often overstated, it can lead to reduced libido or lowered sperm counts in some men. For this reason, many choose topical versus oral finasteride, hoping to limit the drug’s DHT-reducing effects to the scalp. But at certain doses, even topical … Read more…