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Turmeric (Curcumin) For Hair Regrowth? Big Claims, Limited Data

Turmeric is a common spice derived from the root of the plant Curcuma longa. It is thought to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and blood pressure-regulating properties amongst other things. These properties can be attributed to an active component of turmeric called curcumin.[1]Kocaadam, B., Sanlier, N. (2017). Curcumin, an active component of turmeric (Curcuma longa), and … Read more…

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Pump BioGro™: A Topical For Hair Regrowth? | Scientific Analysis

Pump Haircare is a company that sells a wide array of haircare and skincare products, aimed at promoting healthy skin and hair, as well as hair growth. One of Pump Haircare’s products, called BioGro™, is marketed towards reducing ‘hair fall’ or shedding, and simultaneously promoting hair growth. The company claims that this product is scientifically … Read more…

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Reparex (For Grey Hair): Does It Really Reverse Greying? | Scientific Analysis

Reparex Against Grey Hair is a product that claims to “restore hair color naturally from the inside out, unlike hair dyes”.[1]Reparex, (no date), Reparex Against Grey Hair. Available at: https://reparexshop.com/usa/reparex-against-grey-hair (Accessed: 30 January 2023 Reparex is owned by a company called BOOS Labs – established in 1991 – which makes many different cosmetic products. Reparex … Read more…


CB-03-01 (Breezula): Clinical Results, Side Effects, Sourcing Options, & More

CB-03-01, also known as Breezula™ or clascoterone, is a topical medication generating interest as a potential therapy for androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It was developed by Cassiopea (now owned by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals) and is a synthetic androgen receptor antagonist. While it is primarily recognized for its potential in combating hair loss, particularly AGA, CB-03-01 has also … Read more…

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Nourkrin® Review: Can Proteoglycans Actually Reverse Hair Loss?

Nourkrin® with Marilex® is a hair supplement marketed by Nourkrin®. The company claims this is “a clinically proven Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy formulated to stop hair loss, promote hair growth and maintain a normal healthy Hair Growth Cycle in women and men, in contrast to conventional therapies”.[1]Nourkrin®, (no date), How does Nourkrin® work? Available at: https://nourkrin.co.uk/the-hair-growth-cycle/ … Read more…