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    Ben M. and I worked together for nearly two years before finally uncovering a natural hair regrowth regimen that got him results.

    His case study is an example of why identifying your hair loss type is critical to the success of any protocol.

    It's also an example of why personal testing can make the difference between regrowth or no regrowth, and the limitations of most one-size-fits-all approaches to reversing hair loss.

    In this case study, you'll learn about Ben's progress (with photos), and how to avoid his mistakes. In doing so, you might avoid years of treatment missteps, bad product purchases, and continued hair loss.

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    "I just wanted to thank you for all your research, for introducing me to this method and for answering all my questions. I no longer have to shave my head or wear a hat to have confidence again." –Ben M., 24


    Rob English, medical editor and founder of Perfect Hair Health


    My name is Rob English. I'm a researcher, medical editor, and the founder of Perfect Hair Health – a website dedicated to showcasing evidence-based methods for hair regrowth, with or without drugs.

    With 12 years of research and two peer-reviewed papers under my belt, I've helped pioneer a natural method to hair recovery that's rewriting what we thought was possible without drugs.

    If you want to uncover this (free) method, learn about one client's pathway to hair recovery over 19 months, and discover four key takeaways to help you achieve the same results...

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