Natural hair regrowth is possible. I know because I've done it.
And I've shown others how to do the same (see results below).

"The recession in front is filling in VERY slowly, but it is filling in (the left side faster than the right for some reason). More noticeable is increased thickness where I still had hair... I’m seeing new hair growth where there hasn’t been hair in ten years. Amazing." -JD Moyer (Oakland, CA)

"The hairline at the front has thickened and advanced a great deal and the balding area at the back has filled in to about 75% (from about 35-40% density 16 months ago!) …Yes, its a tedious process, but man is it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Rob a Nobel Prize already!!" -CM

A Guide To Natural Hair Recovery. No Shampoos. No Topicals. No Drugs. No Surgeries.

I suffered from pattern hair loss for nearly a decade. I spent thousands of dollars on drugs, topicals, and supplements. I bought every eBook I could find. Nothing worked. After almost 10 years, I finally concluded our basic understanding of hair loss is wrong.

Then I abandoned all pills, supplements, and topicals, and regrew my hair naturally in 1 year.

Two years ago, I released a book and video about how I did it. I offered support to anyone who messaged me. I worked one-on-one with as many readers as I could. Now I've compiled this experience into a new package: a new book, new videos, new before-afters, success story interviews, and so much more.

  • Information

    A 250+ page book on natural hair recovery

  • Demonstration

    A 15-minute HD demonstration video

  • Success Stories

    2+ hours of video interviews with success stories

  • Results

    Scientifically validated approaches for hair regrowth

"I am so glad I found and purchased your ebook and held on to your method... Thank you very much for that! [The] first picture is from March 2015 and the second is from October 2015. I am much more confident and content now and don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about my hair." -Peter (Germany)

To all male and female hair loss sufferers:

Interested in learning the real mechanisms behind hair loss, and how to stop them?

Hair loss is progressive, frustrating, and extremely uncomfortable to talk about. Even among my closest friends, I never brought up the fact that my hair was thinning, no matter how obvious.

People often turn to conventional fixes - drugs, pills, shampoos, and surgeries - to try and reverse hair loss. The result? They're left disappointed, as I was for nearly seven years while using Rogaine.

Hair loss is naturally reversible. I've done it. I've shown others how to do it too. As a former hair loss sufferer, I want you to:

  • Understand the causes of hair loss (it's not just DHT, as most experts say)
  • Stop hair loss - and regrow your hair naturally without any products
  • Never spend another dollar on dangerous hair growth drugs that require life-long use
  • Uncover how hair loss often reflects larger unresolved health problems
  • Become better informed throughout this process

"I cannot believe how fast my hair line is moving forward. It’s pretty incredible. My widows peak has flattened out (I will always have a small widows peak thats just my genetics) but it’s insane... Awesome plain awesome." -Chris

My Male Pattern Hair Loss Diagnosis

My name is Rob and I'm a writer and health researcher. I've studied hair loss for nearly a decade. Some of my work is highlighted throughout this site. My research began out of self-interest.

In 2006 I noticed my hair was thinning. In 2007 a prominent hair restoration surgeon diagnosed me with male pattern hair loss.

After the diagnosis, my doctor advised me to: 1) start taking Rogaine twice-daily, 2) start taking Propecia, 3) consider a hair transplant, and 4) try low-level laser therapy.

I was still in school. I didn't have the money for a hair transplant, but I was serious about reversing my hair loss. So I did what I could afford. I picked up some Rogaine and started an eight-week low-level laser trial.

In August 2007 my trial ended and I hit the six-month mark on Rogaine. My hair hadn't gotten any better. I figured I was a slow responder. I probably needed more time to see improvement. Maybe a few more months. Maybe longer.

I told myself this for years until finally in 2009, I realized that my hair was only getting worse. My loss hadn't slowed. Either I needed to accept my situation, or seek new treatment.

No Luck With Topicals, Shampoos, Supplements, Or Diets

My doctor warned that if I quit Rogaine, any hair I'd preserved would fall out within 3-4 months. This terrified me. So I stayed on Rogaine, but started experimenting with other topicals. I tried (for months at a time) anything from emu oil to raw egg yolks.

Then I turned to copper peptide shampoos. Then volume-boosting shampoos. Then natural DHT-inhibiting supplements - like saw palmetto and Hair Essentials. Then folate and biotin pills.

Neither the topicals, shampoos, nor supplements were working. I was still thinning, and just as fast as before.

So I began experimenting with every diet under the sun. Vegetarian. Raw vegan. Gluten-free. Low carb Paleo. The Gerson Therapy diet. Jack Lalanne juicing cleanses. Water fasts. The Autoimmune Protocol. You name it - I've tried it for at least a few months.

This trial and error continued for years. My hair loss never slowed. I knew I had to be missing something. So I started digging deeper into the hair loss literature.

"Overall hair quality is thicker and more lustrous... [You're] doing such a tremendous job enlightening those that hair loss is reversible under the right, natural conditions, and to never lose hope in a natural cure. Keep up the good work my friend." -Joseph

A New Approach: Reviewing Medical Journals & Hair Loss Literature

I have a research background, so I began accessing medical journals to uncover all I could about the causes of hair loss. What I learned: while most researchers agree that a hormone called dihydrotestosterone - or DHT - causes hair loss, nobody actually knows how DHT causes hair loss.

That struck me as odd. DHT is a hormone that comes from testosterone. DHT levels are higher in the scalps of balding men. Because of this, most experts say that DHT causes hair loss. But is this actually true? Here's how my doctor described the process:

For reasons not fully understood, DHT begins to collect in our scalps. Our hair follicles become sensitive to too much DHT and start shrinking over a series of hair cycles. This process eventually leads to thinner, wispier hair, until the hair disappears and the follicles become dormant.

This explanation felt incomplete. If DHT is the problem, then what causes DHT levels to rise in the first place? And how does DHT shrink our follicles? I sifted through all available hair loss research and realized no one had answered these questions.

Moreover, I learned that while drugs that lower DHT - like Finasteride (branded as Propecia) - can slow or sometimes stop hair loss, they aren't very effective at regrowing lost hair. Even worse, because DHT is critical to male sexual development, some hair loss sufferers taking these drugs also develop unresolved sexual problems - low libido, low energy, and even erectile disfunction.

I knew if I wanted to resolve my own hair loss, I needed to find out how DHT causes hair loss. Hair loss researchers didn't have the answer, and that meant I needed to expand my search.

Finding Answers: Combining Hair Loss Research & Related Fields

In the US, scientific research is highly specialized. It's rare for a cardiologist to share their findings with a hair loss scientist and vice-versa. The irony is that cardiologists also study DHT's effects on our bodies. So I started sifting through findings from cardiology, epigenetics, exercise science, autoimmunity, and endocrinology.

Had these fields already answered how DHT causes hair loss... And no one had connected the dots? I researched for years. Finally, I found my answers.

The answer: DHT doesn't actually cause hair loss... And hair loss isn't actually a condition. It's a symptom of other conditions. Specifically - two chronic, progressive conditions in our scalps.

"Feels awesome man. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but not only did I thicken up what I had, but I'm regrowing my juvenile hairline. My hairline hasn't been this low since middle school. And all this from massages and good diet?!?! Incredible, dude... As you can see, I think I can still add a little density to the hairline, but I think the results are just more proof for the fibrosis/inflammation theory of hair loss." -Jared

MYTH: Hair Loss Is Caused By DHT & Testosterone

The Myth: 95% of hair thinning for males is due to male pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia. This is what I was diagnosed with, and it includes hair loss on the lateral sides of the forehead and the crown (or top) of the scalp. Doctors say this is due to DHT. Excess DHT collects on the scalp, shrinks the follicles for unknown reasons, and then the hair eventually dies.

The Truth: This is just a partial story as to what’s actually happening on your scalp, but more importantly, inside your body. Doctors don't seem to ask, "If DHT is the problem, then what causes DHT levels to rise in the first place?"

The Connection Between Fibrosis, Calcification, and Elevated DHT

To first notice something else is going on, touch your scalp in thinning or balding areas, and then compare that to your non-thinning areas. Go ahead and pinch the skin. You’ll notice that balding areas have thicker, less pliable, and significantly less elastic skin. But the skin on your hair-bearing areas - like the sides of your scalp - moves freely and easily. Why would scalp skin in balding areas feel differently than non-balding areas?

#1: Your Scalp Skin Is Filled With Fibrosis

Fibrosis is another term for "excess collagen". It's when our bodies over-accumulate connective tissue during the healing process. In advanced stages, it leaves a shine to someone's skin. It's a condition in balding scalps known as "perifollicular fibrosis".

#2: Your Scalp Has Become Partially Calcified

Your scalp feels differently in balding areas because it has also become partially calcified.

Dr. Frederick Hoelzel published the connection between calcification of the scalp, restricted blood flow, and baldness over 70 years ago! While studying cadavers, he found that areas of baldness occurred in regions where the scalp was calcified:

“Baldness occurred in persons in whom calcification of the skull bones apparently had not only firmly knitted the cranial sutures but also closed or narrowed various small foramens through which blood vessels pass most prominently in persons with a luxuriant crop of hair.”

In other words, the scalp's bones and small blood vessel passages are calcified in bald regions, so no blood can get to those follicles.

Fibrosis & Calcification Restrict Blood Flow To Our Hair Follicles

Fibrosis and calcification build up over a number of years, slowly restricting blood flow to parts of the scalp. With restricted blood flow, the hair follicles can’t function properly, and they eventually die.

Moreover, new research shows that DHT increases in places of inflammation. Fibrosis and calcification are two inflammatory conditions. Wherever these conditions occur, DHT tends to follow. What does this mean?

DHT isn't necessarily the cause of hair loss. It's a symptom of chronic inflammation. And reason why our hair miniaturizes is because of fibrosis and calcification.

If I Wanted To Reverse My Hair Loss, I Needed To Target Fibrosis And Calcification, Not DHT

Fibrosis and calcification change the landscape of our scalp, restrict blood flow, reduce oxygen levels, and trigger hair loss. Doctors are focusing on DHT, but it's the wrong thing.

In the next few years, new researched emerged revealing that both fibrosis and calcification could be reversed naturally. If I could restore my scalp environment to a condition-free state, maybe then my hair could regrow.

So I started self-testing. Simultaneously I dropped Rogaine. At this point I'd spent over $1,700 on Rogaine and around $8,000 on other pills, supplements, topicals, and laser treatments - all without much benefit. I figured I had nothing to lose.

"Even without the pictures, this is what I can tell you that has definitely happened. 1) All sheds outside the "normal" range stopped. 2) Seborrheic dermatitis vanished like Santa Claus. 3) The [scalp] itch is gone and never came back. 4) The hair generally seems stronger and denser all around and the miniaturizing hairs on the temples/hairline thickened back up giving a visual sight of regrowth in addition to regrowing some hair in the temples."

My Results: Near-Full Regrowth In One Year

Within a year of abandoning all topicals, supplements, and conventional treatments, I saw significant thickening, hair regrowth, and even returned my thinning vertex to near-full density. It was a huge relief. (There's a link to my before-after photos below.)

In 2014 I wrote a book and made a video detailing exactly how I did it. I worked one-on-one with as many readers as I could - troubleshooting, sharing tips, uncovering research, and coaching them through the same process.

Now I've updated and re-released everything - a new book, new video, success story interviews, my learnings from 2+ years of reader support, the best practices from readers with the most regrowth, and so much more.

What's Different About The New Book?

The new book is built around the first book's readers who experienced the most significant regrowth. I interviewed all of them, uncovered their commonalities, and packaged these learnings inside the new chapters.

The new book also includes research overhauls on the triggers of hair loss, my pattern hair loss diagnosis from 2007, my before-after photos, before-after photos from more readers, a Frequently-Asked-Questions section covering 95% of all support-based questions, advice from readers who've gone through the process, near-full rewrites of every chapter, and troubleshooting regimens for those who want to push their progress even further.

It's 250+ pages - streamlined for those who want quick answers, but with an Appendix and FAQ for those wanting the details.

Want a preview inside the book? You can see everything in the sample chapter. Inside you'll find more of my research, my before-after photos, my DNA gene testing results, my medical hair loss diagnosis, and other readers' before-after photos.

Want my medical diagnosis, before-after photos, and gene testing results? It's in the free chapter below.

Get The Free Chapter

Yes, I'd also like a free 10-day course on natural hair recovery.

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A Highlight Of The 250+ Page Book

  • 1

    Genetic Destiny (pg. 15)

    Physicians often tell us that hair loss is genetic, and aside from a hair transplant, we can’t do much to stop it. But they’re wrong. Hair loss is not genetically predetermined. While we might have genes that predispose us to hair loss, we also have the power to turn those genes on and off. The latest scientific research - along with my genetic tests, medical diagnosis, family predisposition, “before” and “after” photos, and previous readers’ photos - shows this is possible.

  • 2

    The Basic Misunderstandings Of Hair Loss (pg. 38)

    Most experts agree that dihydrotestosterone - or DHT - is what makes us go bald. Because of this, conventional hair loss drugs (like Finasteride) were developed to reduce our body’s DHT levels, and in doing so, hopefully regrow hair. Unfortunately, while Finasteride may slow or temporarily arrest hair loss, it rarely results in significant hair regrowth. This chapter highlights the mysteries of DHT and how conventional hair loss treatments fail us.

  • 3

    The Roots Of Hair Loss (pg. 50)

    Put aside your assumptions about hair loss... This chapter traces its symptoms, conditions, and triggers all the way to the roots. This is a systematic, scientific, comprehensive, evidence-based approach to explaining why we lose our hair, and how to fix it. Each piece of evidence is packaged into a flowchart. This chart unveils the mechanisms behind hair loss and the scalp’s chronic conditions that prevent hair from regrowing. This chart makes sense of DHT's paradoxes and unveils why most drugs fail to regrow hair.

  • 4

    Reversing Scalp Calcification & Fibrosis (pg. 71)

    This section will tell you exactly how to reverse scalp calcification, stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, and reactivate dormant follicles while simultaneously making your existing hair thicker. These techniques are scientifically validated and proven to reverse pattern hair loss, but unfortunately aren't well-known. Accompanying this chapter is a 15-minute HD video demonstration that shows exactly how I regrew my hair using the same techniques.

  • 5

    The Diet-Hair Loss Connection (pg. 99)

    Diet is partially responsible for triggering the reactions in your body that cascade into hair loss. By avoiding certain foods, you can prevent future hair loss from happening. Think you're a healthy eater? Most of these "trigger" foods are consumed by 90% of Americans every single day. You’d be surprised at which foods catalyze hair loss and a plethora of other health problems. You'll also learn which foods I eat, what my diet looks like from a macro- and micro-nutrient standpoint, and everything else about food and hair health.

  • 6

    The Lifestyle-Hair Loss Connection (pg. 129)

    This section DOES NOT cover the importance of sleeping, staying active, or avoiding excessive alcohol consumption (we already know this). Instead, it discusses larger unnoticed factors contributing to your hair loss. For example, the ingredients in your shampoos, inadequate daily sunlight exposure, iron overload, and the benefits of cold thermogenesis (to name only a few).

  • 7

    The Microbiome-Hair Loss Connection (pg. 143)

    Have you ever wondered why people in third world countries don't lose their hair as often as those in the US or UK? This question drove much of my fascination with hair loss research. We dive into all the possibilities, and the evidence linking the answers to gut health and the microbiome.

  • 8

    Frequently Asked Questions (pg. 167)

    This 50+ pages of research-intensive answers that cover 95% of all support-based questions. Wondering if intermittent fasting helps with hair growth? Or if masturbation causes hair loss? Or if a topical you're considering might help regrow hair? The answers are all found here.

  • 9

    Appendix (pg. 220)

    When a concept gets too science-heavy or an explanation gets too research-intensive, I move things into the Appendix. This makes the book streamlined for those who want quick answers while preserving its robustness for readers who love the details.

What's Different About The New Video?

The new 15-minute HD demonstration video is hyper specific. It aggregates the techniques the best responders and I used for natural hair regrowth - so you're cutting out the guessing game and getting the best-of-the-best practices. It's filled with more visuals, more direction, more graphics, and an audio narration. The video complements the chapter on mechanical stimulation and visualizes the techniques that restore the scalp to a hair-promoting state.

What's New: Video Interviews With Hair Regrowth Success Stories

Success Story: Jared (75+ Minute Interview)

Video Interview #1

Jared and I started communicating in May 2014. In this interview, we uncover his road to hair recovery through 2016, including:

  • The DHT Paradox
  • Jared's experiments with veganism, ketosis, and a Danny Roddy-inspired diet
  • The prolactin-hair loss connection
  • Jared's vitamin D crash, hair shed, and course-correction
  • Jared's technique - pressure, pinches, presses, etc.
  • The synergies between diet, inflammation generation, healing, and regrowth
  • ...and much more

Bonus: Jared's 30+ page interview transcription

Success Story: Joseph (60+ Minute Interview)

Video Interview #2

Joseph and I first connected in February 2015. In this interview, we reveal his journey to hair regrowth and his augmented approach the mechanical stimulation exercises, including:

  • Joseph's early trials with topicals, biotin, magnesium oil, and laser therapy
  • Mechanical stimulation + dermarolling - finding a balance
  • Poor diet and hair shedding
  • The importance of pressure for massaging / rolling
  • New additions to Joseph's regimen
  • Dietary, lifestyle, and mechanical stimulation mistakes to avoid
  • ...and much more

Bonus: Joseph's 30+ page interview transcription

The Three Packages

The Standard Package - $69

What's included in The Standard Package

2+ Hours Of Success Story Video Interviews + Transcripts

Two readers who achieved significant regrowth were generous enough to allow me to interview them for this new edition. The interviews went over 60 minutes each, culminating into over two hours of content. You'll hear about both readers' hair regrowth journey (trials, errors, diets, massage techniques, regrowth, advice, and everything else), as well as their mistakes and setbacks along the way. These are valuable videos for anyone interested in hair regrowth, the troubleshooting process, and what made both of these readers succeed.

In addition to the video interviews, you'll also get the transcripts for each hour-long conversation. In total, this is over 60+ pages of searchable material. Many people even prefer reading the transcripts over the video interviews because it allows them actively look up the treatments, regimens, and suggestions that each reader references. These are real readers, with real regrowth.

250+ Page Book On Natural Hair Recovery

This book is over a decade of research compiled into one document. It's built entirely around the first book's readers who experienced the most significant regrowth. I interviewed all of them, uncovered their commonalities, and packaged these learnings inside the new chapters on mechanical stimulation, diet, lifestyle, and beyond.

On top of that, the new book also includes research overhauls on the triggers of hair loss, my pattern hair loss diagnosis from 2007, my before-after photos, before-after photos from more readers, a Frequently Asked Questions section covering 95% of all support-based questions, advice from readers who've gone through the process, near-full rewrites of every chapter, and troubleshooting regimens for those who want to further their progress.

It's 250+ pages - streamlined for those who want quick answers, but with an Appendix and FAQ for those wanting the details.

15-Minute HD Demonstration Video

The new demonstration video is longer, hyper specific, and catered toward the mechanical stimulation techniques from both the best responders and myself. It's filled with more visuals, more direction, an audio narration, and is accompanied by an entire mechanical stimulation chapter inside the book. This video is as comprehensive as possible, and all in an effort to maximize everyone's chances for regrowth and success.

The Standard Package details the same regimen that I (and the first book's success stories) used for hair regrowth. It comes complete with an FAQ chapter and a troubleshooting guide, which should take you all (or nearly all) the way through this process.

In The Standard Package, You Get:

-2+ hours of video interviews + transcripts with two success stories

-250+ page book on natural hair recovery

-15-minute HD video detailing the techniques I and the best responders used for hair regrowth

The Complete Package - $149 (Limited Offer)

What's included in The Complete Package

A 30-Minute Personal Skype Call

For those who want face-time, diet reviews, massage feedback, focused troubleshooting, and everything in between, this package includes a 30-minute one-on-one Skype with me.

This is how it works: you read the book, then watch the demonstration video, the success story interviews, read the transcripts, and dig through all the accompanying materials. Then we set up a time to video chat each other.

We can talk about anything - the book, the video, your techniques, what I'm currently researching, etc. To get the most out of your time, I suggest arriving to our Skype with a list of questions prepared. The idea is to get you started the right way, give you all the resources I can, and fast track your results.

It's important to me that you realize that I'm a real person. I've worked with many people going through the same process you're considering. I put my face on this site because I believe in my work. And I offer video interviews because I want to maximize everyone's chances for success. With that said, I work a full-time job in addition to this site, and with the few hours I'm available, I can only take so many sessions. For this reason, this interview package is limited. It's only available until my schedule fills.

The Complete Package Also Includes Everything From The Standard Package

In addition to our Skype interview, this package also includes everything else I have to offer.

You get access to the book, demonstration video, and also the 2+ hours of video interviews and transcriptions from readers who've been through this experience.

So many of us never talk about our hair loss. These video interviews give everyone a chance to relate to people who went through the same situation. You learn these readers' stories, progress, and how they're achieving regrowth. When getting a chance to speak to each reader, I was surprised just how similar our stories were.

In addition, the interviews reference a lot of science and tips that aren't mentioned in either the new book or the demonstration video. When it comes to troubleshooting, these videos and their transcripts are a valuable resource.

On top of that, you'll still get the 250+ page book, which covers 95% of any support-related question asked. Chances are that the new book, the new 15-min HD demonstration video, and these video interviews will be plenty to get you started. Including our Skype call, this is the perfect package to maximize your chances for success.

In The Complete Package, You Get:

-A personal 30-minute Skype call

-2+ hours of video interviews with two success stories

-60+ pages of interview transcripts

-250+ page book on natural hair recovery

-15-minute HD video detailing the techniques I and the best responders used for hair regrowth

The Book + Video Package - $49

What's included in The Book + Video Package

This is the self-serve package. It includes the new 250+ page book and the new 15-minute HD demonstration video.

Like the other packages, the Book + Video package details the same regimen that I (and the first book's success stories) used for hair regrowth. It comes complete with an FAQ chapter and a troubleshooting guide, which should cover nearly all the questions you have throughout this process.

In The Book + Video Package, You Get:

-250+ page book on natural hair recovery

-15-minute HD video detailing the techniques I and the best responders used for hair regrowth

There's A Money Back Guarantee

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What sort of support do you offer? +

I used to offer one-on-one email support to anyone who messaged me. The challenge is that in addition to this site, I work a standard office job, and as the responsibilities to my job grow, the amount of time I have left to support readers decreases.

While I no longer offer email support (at least the way I used to do it), I do offer a package that includes a one-on-one 30-minute Skype call with me. This, in my opinion, is far more valuable than email support. We can cover more in 30 minutes regarding massage technique, diet, etc. - than we can over weeks of emails.

With that said, I'll do my best to answer any emails you send my way. While my responses may be delayed, I make an effort to get back to everyone.

Does this work for all types of hair loss? +

These package focus on reversing androgenic alopecia (pattern hair loss), which represents ~95% of hair loss cases. The packages focus on both male and female pattern hair loss, including diffuse thinning – a common cause of hair loss in women. The solutions in the book have also been scientifically validated for men and women, as the causes of hair loss for both genders often stem from the same places.

However, this book isn’t written to help reverse hair loss stemming from specific autoimmune disorders or cancers and cancer treatments. Because those types of hair loss are often driven from an autoimmune attack or damage from disease/treatment, the solutions are slightly different and less understood. The book will not be as helpful for these 5% of cases, but even still, I have included information about regimens that have worked for those with Alopecia Areata.

If you’re really unsure, it’s worth consulting with your doctor to confirm which type of hair loss you have. There’s a 95% chance it’s the type that this book addresses.

Is regrowing hair easy? +

No. If regrowing hair were easy, these solutions would already be widely known.

Reversing hair loss naturally isn’t easy, but it’s entirely possible. The best part is that natural regrowth often means permanent regrowth. You don’t need to invest in hair transplants, drugs, or anything else that will put you back thousands of dollars over the course of your life. Your only investment is time, persistence, and patience.

I'm still not convinced. What else can you show me? +

Feel free to browse the articles on this site, read through the comments, and download the free sample chapter. Plus, you can always email me. My email's inside the sample chapter.

PS - My Availability Is Limited, So These Prices Will Increase Soon

Last year when I reached my capacity for email support, I postponed all downloads and took the book offline. The book stayed offline for over a year as I worked with current readers until my schedule freed.

When I get busy this time around, I'm instead going to raise the package prices. This keeps the information accessible but also helps with my Skype interview scheduling. I don't know when I'll reach this point. But the prices now won't be here forever.

The Complete Package
  • One-on-one 30-minute Skype call
  • 2 video interviews with success stories
  • 60+ pages of interview transcriptions
  • 250+ page book on natural hair recovery
  • 15-minute HD demonstration video
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The Standard Package
  • 2 video interviews with success stories
  • 60+ pages of interview transcriptions
  • 250+ page book on natural hair recovery
  • 15-minute HD demonstration video
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Book + Video
  • 250+ page book on natural hair recovery
  • 15-minute HD demonstration video
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