Alopecia Areata: Causes, Treatments, & Why It’s Reversible | 2020 Review

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune form of hair loss that affects 2% of people worldwide. If you’re dealing with alopecia areata, the burden of hair loss often feels overwhelming – as the condition can progress rapidly, inexplicably, and without regard. Fortunately, alopecia areata is treatable. In many cases, it’s also reversible. The first step toward … Read more…

Oral Minoxidil For Women

Oral Minoxidil For Female Hair Loss: How To Avoid Hypertrichosis (Unwanted Body Hair Growth)

Oral minoxidil for women with hair loss: an underutilized treatment? Although topical minoxidil seems to get most of the attention as a hair loss treatment, its oral counterpart is also effective at promoting hair regrowth in both males and females. Generally, higher dosing means better efficacy, but with a higher risk profile. As it relates … Read more…