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Hims vs Keeps vs Roman: Which Hair Growth Subscription Service Wins?

Subscription services have gained popularity in recent years for all types of products, from home cleaning supplies to underwear, razors, and even toothpaste. These services make the most sense for products used consistently, saving the consumer time and money. Hair regrowth treatments certainly meet the criteria. For the most part, they only work as long … Read more…

Product Reviews

Nutrafol Review: Half-Truths, Cherrypicked Data, & Misleading Study Results

A Real Look Inside Nutrafol® In the last two years, Nutrafol® has become one of the world’s most popular hair loss supplements. With an all-natural product line and a supplement that’s endorsed by doctors, praised by media, and supported by one clinical study… many consumers are turning to Nutrafol as a natural alternative to finasteride. … Read more…