Meet Chris M.




Chris is an Australian filmmaker whose commitment to excellence shows not only in his movies, but in his adherence to the Perfect Hair Health regrowth protocol.


Chris trusted in the process – committing to all dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and an augmented approach to the mechanical stimulation exercises.


In just 18 months, Chris thickened and regrew a significant amount of hair. And this hair regrowth came naturally – without the use of supplements, shampoos, drugs, or surgeries.


Chris was lucky. He first started noticing his hair loss in 2015, and way earlier than most people catch their own hair thinning. His first signs of vertex thinning showed while testing a green screen for one of his films:

Not much loss at all! Most pattern hair loss sufferers probably consider this photo unconcerning. But to Chris – who’d never noticed any thinning – it was worrisome.

Part of Chris’ success comes from the fact that he reacted so quickly. Within weeks of noticing his thinning hair, he stumbled across the Perfect Hair Health program, absorbed the material, and got busy sticking to the regimen.

Before Chris started the regimen, the health of his hair was, in his own words…

“My hair was an oil slick and if I skipped a day of having a shower my head hurt like hell if I tried to brush my hair. If I brushed my hair back against the direction it wanted to sit it felt like all the roots of the hair were stabbing my scalp”

Fast-forward 18 months later. Chris documented progress at month 10…


Month 10 Progress

Unfortunately, we can’t draw comparisons between this photo and Chris’ baseline photo. And despite Chris saying that he felt and saw signs of regrowth by this point, we must treat this photo like Chris’ baseline photo. Why? Because his following photos are taken from the same location (similar lighting, zoom, focus, angle, etc.).

Side note: a challenge for most people documenting their hair regrowth is that the majority never take a good “before” photo. In fact, most people don’t document anything until they start seeing progress. I certainly fell into this category. The end-result? Hours digging through old photo albums and videos to find representative photos. Don’t make this mistake! When you start a hair regrowth protocol, take clear “before” photos and monthly photos from there onward.

Anyway, back to Chris.

Here is his progress at month 18. Same camera, same angle:


The results are evident: significant hair regrowth at the vertex, and now (nearly a year and half later) – barely any signs of hair thinning where there was once a small bald spot.

In Chris’ words:

“I’m actually letting my hair grow out again (and I swear it grows faster) and it’s easier now to see the new hairs coming through as being shorter and sprouting though they really contrast against the longer hairs well. Once again its after 2am here so I’ll sign off here for the moment! Thanks Rob! I’m stoked this is working!”

Since then, Chris has continued working on his latest feature film (to be finished mid-2017) and continues to apply his dietary and lifestyle changes beyond hair health.

“I think the level of confused thinking around hair loss is largely applicable to pretty much all other issues… But that’s another story! There’s so much noise out there to sort through before getting to some sensible solutions.”

“Whilst I’m probably not a great example of a quick fix(!), I am sure testament to effectiveness!”

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